February 11, 2011

Maybe this girl
Can take a sweet man
that owns lots of bongs, to the beach.
Only if you eat them all, he said.
I’ll eat blueberries, he said.
And to feel such inner body ectasy, on a natural level, he said.
They watched the sunset together. They held hands together.

This isn’t a haiku. This is a story.

The End.

January 11, 2011

nu ma yellow tree.
in a warm place, sitting down.
Aroma stands up.

Video game plays
Collect the yellow tree branch
Branch into health dive.

Straight goes smoke boarder
Smoking the herb, carving too
Through cement waves.

January 7, 2011
the arms of a dream and a hillside view

Oh looks like new guy.
Brushing up some hand holding,
Talk some language, you!

i mostly haiku
speaking of the difficult
counting syllables!

dream journal
to bed @ 1am-ish           awake @ 1pm-ish
          I dreampt I was walking down an isle in an unknown environment that was filled with movies. The movie I remember finding which was at the end of the isle, with a grey shade and random red colored logo was Schindler’s List.
          I think this means I need to be keeping on my movie-a-day goal since I did study film. I also believe that since I haven’t seen this aforementioned movie since I was a little boy, that I should probably watch it again, asap! I would have such a different view of it, anyone would if they gave such a big gap to revisit.

listening to:
sigur ros

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